A day
in the life

The collaborators chosen through the Illva Careers selection process, talk in the first person about their projects, their ambitions and their current tasks at the company

“A Day in the life of Illva”, an operation comprised in the Illva Careers project, gives voice to young talents who describe their experiences and careers at the company.

Fabiana Andreani, influencer and manager/specialist in orientation and career development for young college graduates, hosts the video-interviews to explore, step by step, the young talents’ corporate training programme together with their tutors.

The ILLVA CAREERS project told directly by its creators

Managing Director of ILLVA Saronno

“A person who joins us as an intern is at the heart of the action right from the start”, says Stefano Battioni, Managing Director of Illva Saronno.

HR Director Illva Saronno Holding

‘In all our candidates, I am looking for the spark in their eyes, and their enthusiasm…’

For @Alida Travaini, HR Director at Illva Saronno Holding, the important thing is not so much the grade of their degrees, but rather their ambition to learn and their willingness to accept a challenge.

Junior Brand Manager Italy

After having worked on the Disaronno brand as assistant in the international team, Laura Rodolfo Masera was offered the role of Junior Brand Manager Italy at Illva Saronno. Let’s find out more about one of the young talents at Illva Saronno with Fabiana Andreani.

Marketing Manager Italy at Illva Saronno

Claudio Giuliano, Marketing Manager for Italy at Illva Saronno, has 15 years of experience, useful in his additional role as tutor for the young talents who have recently arrived at the company. We can meet him with Fabiana Andrani and find out more about his approach designed to optimise training for new employees.

Assistant Brand Manager Florio

Ettore Donzelli has transformed a passion into reality, by means of targeted studies and his objective of working in small wineries.

He began his career at Illva Saronno with a period of training, as assistant Brand Manager for Florio and as a future Junior Brand Manager.

With Fabiana Andreani he tells us about his experience in Florio’s superb Marsala cellars.

Assistant Marketing Disaronno Ingredients

Whoever would have believed that tasting ice-cream could become a job?

This is part of the day’s work for @Corrado Palmieri, Marketing Assistant at Disaronno Ingredients.

With Fabiana Andreani, let’s meet one of the young talents at Illva Saronno.

Marketing Manager Disaronno Ingredients and Corrado's Tutor

From Fantasy Football to Fantaingredients: the opportunities and risks connected to this activity offered to the sales team.

“[…] the players are our products, our brands…”

This is how Cristina Monnetti, Marketing Manager at Disaronno Ingredients and Corrado Palmieri’s Supervisor, describes the project.


Tales of talents, of those who have been able to seize a job opportunity, transforming it into one for growth and life experience.
Here are the testimonies of those who keep growing alongside us every day: we are pleased to show you some of the many talents that make up Illva Saronno Holding.