Talents' tales

Talents’ tales, of those who have been able to seize a job opportunity, transforming it into one for growth and life experience.
Here are the testimonies of those who keep growing alongside us every day: we are pleased to show you some of the many talents that make up ILLVA SARONNO HOLDING.

Letizia Colella

“It was therefore a lucky break that in that period I was contacted by a headhunter who offered me a position in, and introduced me to, this company. It was a wonderful surprise.”

Gabriele Martinello
Country Manager Belux & France Illva Saronno Wines&Spirits

“The company decided to believe in me, to give me responsibilities, and I moved to Belgium, where I became Trade Marketing Manager for the Belgium and Luxembourg markets…”

Arianna Signorelli

“It’s a point of further pride to be able to say one works here, for those who have always lived in Saronno. I studied mathematics; I didn’t think adapting my field of expertise to IT was possible…”

Anna Consoli
Group Procurement Dpt. – ILLVA SARONNO HOLDING

“It is certainly a very stimulating role because, due to my dealing with the marketing departments, my activities and tasks are always new, always different, so it is a role in which one never gets bored.”

Gianluigi Selenu
Group Internal Audit & Subsidiary Controller – ILLVA SARONNO HOLDING

“Since joining the company I have dealt with several projects, both in Italy and abroad, and I recently completed an audit on one of the most important branches of the group.”

Roberto Magnisi
Duca Di Salaparuta and Suor Marchesa Agricultural Company Plant Manager

“I have the honor of being the professional coordinator of this splendid reality made up of history, territory, but above all of people, 100 to be precise.”

Daragh Crawley
Project Engineer – Royal Oak

“I’ll be heavily involved in commissioning and validating the new plant, which I will feel very comfortable doing. If you asked me that question 5 months ago, you would have gotten a very different answer.”


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