Illva Sustainability Path

On September 2021, ILLVA SARONNO Group began a journey to integrate sustainability into their strategies, striving for continuous improvement and to create a fully sustainable corporate culture.
The I.S.P. project – ILLVA Sustainability Path follows the 17 Sustainable Development Goals – SDGs set by the 2030 UN Agenda, starting from the analysis of the company’s major impacts in relation to
ESG – Environmental, Social, Governance.
An operational plan detailing the initiatives to be implemented has been defined and the publication of the first Sustainability Report is expected by mid-2023.

In May 2021 ILLVA SARONNO Group installed a new solar energy system which, together with the reliance on certified “green” energy, allows its plant to be powered by renewable sources only. The photovoltaic system produced until 1 June 2023:

0 kg
0 kWh

Sustainability is a central theme for the future of the company: this project will allow the ILLVA SARONNO Group to integrate initiatives already implemented with an organic plan of further interventions to make the Group increasingly sustainable.